TIPPING POINT: Are We Creating a Silence?


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What Is Tipping Point?

Series TIPPING POINT, by Elizabeth Turk http://elizabethturks.wpengine.com/work/projects/tipping-point/

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Turk’s work on the exhibition Tipping Point began earlier last fall, 2018, during a month-long open studio/live exhibition ThinkLab LIVE .002 with Director of The Frank Doyle Arts Pavilion Tyler Stallings, at Orange Coast College. Highlighting various attributes of this continents’ birds, Turk developed an alphabet of symbols. Using these unique symbols, she explores the greater concept – Extinction. The “Sound Columns” juxtapose the ephemeral with the eternal. Inspired by recordings of extinct birds (cataloged by the Ornithology Lab at Cornell University) Turk created evocative sculptural forms. The metal maze laced with imagery will be cut to create beautiful interactive moments. Where the audience becomes both victim and aggressor in the fate of our planet.

#ThinkLabLIVE .003:

The Catalina Island Museum honored its partnership with acclaimed sculpture artist Elizabeth Turk with an evening celebration entitled ThinkLab LIVE .003: Tipping Point; “ARE WE CREATING A SILENCE?” on Saturday, July 13 at 7:30 p.m. Opened in April of 2019, and running through March 2020, Turk’s Tipping Point is inspired by nature and the environment to explore the extinction of birds in North America in an interactive, moving installation at the museum.

ET Projects, Elizabeth Turk’s 501c3, revealed an open invitation to join the ET Projects production crew on Catalina Island for her 3rd #ThinkLabLIVE, to experiment with the art performance and moving installation by Elizabeth Turk at Catalina Island Museum.An adventurous evening in the arts which included dance by The Assembly Dance Co., interactive performance created by participants, inspired by the sounds of Composers Michael Mortilla (Pianist) and Nicole Garcia (Violinist).

This event started with an Introduction by Catalina Island Museum Director Julie Perlin Lee. Following was a talk by Extinct Bird Expert Colleen Wisinski of the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Artist Elizabeth Turk led into the moving installation portion of the evening with an overview on Tipping Point: Are We Creating a Silence?  All participants, dressed in white clothing, were guided through the process of creating a “Light Canopy”, where messages were written in the sky with a light wand naming that which is treasured by participants. Traces of these messages were captured on long exposed film and video. Imagery of the entire evening is available for viewing HERE.