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Shoreline Project Vision:

Bringing Communities of the Pacific Ocean together in a celebration of Civic Grace and Joy.

Shoreline Project Summary:

Shoreline Project is a 1000-person experience performed at the Pacific Ocean for a single magical night. In partnership with Laguna Art Museum (LAM) and the City of Laguna Beach, CA, Shoreline Project was launched at LAM’s annual Art & Nature event, November 2018. Evolved from Elizabeth Turk’s body of work, entitled Seashell X-Ray Mandala Series, these images have been transferred to the canopy of 1,000 umbrellas and lit by LED shafts. These uniquely designed umbrellas are gifted to community volunteers, welcoming all and expanding existing art communities. Inspired by the character of each location, participants create a luminous artwork energized by dancers moving to the blend of ocean waves and local musicians. Thousands of spectators surround the participants watching from the beach, cliffs, and buildings. Currently Turk is scouting future sites in: Japan, China, Mexico, Australia, USA among other cities surrounding the Pacific Ocean to continue the project.

Shoreline Project is a platform for an experience: both intimate and communal, individuals share in the spontaneity of creating beautiful art, larger than themselves.

Shoreline Project Background:

The Shoreline Project was launched in November of 2018 for the Laguna Art Museum in Laguna Beach, CA as part of its annual Art & Nature festival. For LAM Executive Director, Malcolm Warner, Turk was a natural choice as she is an artist significantly in touch with the materiality of nature. “LAM has recognized that artists and viewers all across the country, and internationally, share an increasing interest in art’s engagement with nature. For contemporary artists, it is an important issue because of the obvious environmental changes and concerns, which Californians in particular are bearing witness to. Climate change and man’s relationship with nature have come to the forefront of people’s minds in recent years, which only makes the LAM festival, and Turk’s Shoreline Project, more relevant and timely.”- Malcolm Warner, Director at Laguna Art Museum